Daily Schedule - Friday August 18th

  Ballroom Tiffany/Champaign Rooms Field Trips
  9:00am Astronomical League Annual Meeting
Door Prize Giveaways
 10:00 am Dr. Vladimir Lyra
California State University at Northridge, Department of Physics and Astronomy
Field Trip 9:30 am Tate Museum



The Fine Art of Observing Workshop


11:00 am

15 Minute Break


11:15 am Dr. Robert Stencel
Denver University, Denver Univ. Observatories
Field Trip 11:45 am Casper Planetarium
12:15 pm Lunch Lunch
1:45 pm Bill Possel
Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics

Professional/Amateur Collaboration Workshop

Carolyn Collins Petersen

Field Trip 2 pm Science Zone
2:45 pm Delores H. Hill
Sr. Research Specialist, Lunar & Planetary Laboratory
3:45 pm 15 Minute Break
4:00 pm Chris Peterson
Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Free Time  
6:00 - 7:30 pm Star-B-Q
9:00 pm Star party in the Casper Mountains at around 8,000 feet