Daily Schedule - Thursday, August 17th

  Ballroom Tiffany/Champagne Rooms Field Trips
8:45 am Welcome/Announcements    
9:00 am

Martin Ratcliffe, Fellow of Royal Astronomical Society,
The 1898 and 1995 Indian eclipses: A contrasting view

  Field Trip 9:30 am Casper Planetarium
10:00 am Dr. Timothy Slater, University of Wyoming,
What's So Hard about Understanding Eclipses

Telescope Technology Workshop
11:00 am 15 Min Break
11:15 am Mike Hotka
NPS Dark Sky Ranger
Field Trip 11:45 am to Casper Planetarium
12:15 pm Lunch Lunch
1:45 pm Dr. Don Bruns
University of Illinois
Terry Mann
Astrophotography/Digital Imaging Workshop
Field Trip 2:00 pm to Trail Museum
2:45 pm Fred Espenak
“Mr. Eclipse”
3:45 pm  15 Min Break
4:00 pm Dr. Fran Bagenal
University of Colorado, Boulder
Free Time
9:00 pm Star party in the Casper Mountains at around 8,000 feet